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Lending F.A.Q.

What is the going interest rate?   

This depends on a lot of factors and because we work with so many lenders and each client is different and desires different things, quoting a rate is easier to do once we have a few details.



How much money do I need for down payment?

There are programs that offer as little as 1% down, however you may be surprised once you look at several programs with higher down payments that offer lower payments and costs.  Being educated about multiple options is important so you know the cost of what you are choosing for a product.



What is the minimum credit score to qualify?

This depends on the product and lender, but we require a minimum middle credit score of 640.  We have credit repair agencies who can help.



How long does it take to get a pre-approval?

Less than 24 hours…Easier and faster than you might think.



Do you handle FHA & VA loans? 

We specialize in Conventional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, but have associates that specialize in these products as well as USDA loans.  We can help you determine which loan best fits your needs and situation.



Can you offer a loan with no PMI and little down payment money?

Yes, we have wonderful products to help you save money and lower your monthly mortgage with lower down payment options.



Can you do a loan with no closing costs?

Yes, we walk you thru several rate options that give you the opportunity to avoid any and all closing costs.



Customer Comments
I’ve known Angela Swank (Frost) for over fifteen years and have personally used her for a mortgage loan. She delivers what she promises with no surprises at the closing table. She made buying a home a pleasurable experience. I would definitely recommend First Rate Mortgage due to the integrity level Angela chooses to live by within her company.

Kimberly A.
Waukee, IA

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