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Our Process

Applying for a loan is easy and not as scary as it might seem, but it’s important to work with someone asking the right questions.  Today’s underwriting is precise and each client has a unique situation that needs to be understood for a good loan pre-approval.  


If you know your social security number, your income and your residence history you are off to a good start for a pre-approval.  You can apply over the phone, in person, or online at your convenience. Of course, keep your personal information safe and only hand it over to reputable firms.



What Make Us Different


Customer Comments
As a realtor, and customer, I have worked with Angela for 17 years, and have never been disappointed in the service provided. As a realtor, we deal with a variety of lenders, and it is always a smoother transaction with an ethical, honest, experienced loan originator that will put the client’s interest ahead of their own.

John B.
Des Moines, IA

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